A Discord server for generative AI

Mediabots is a cutting-edge Discord server that has been established as part of a groundbreaking doctoral research project focused on generative AI. This platform provides its members with exclusive access to the latest models in AI technology, including Midjourney, Dalle, StableDiffusion, and GPT.

The primary objective of setting up Mediabots is to examine and understand the usage patterns of these advanced AI models in a social setting. By fostering an engaging community of participants, the server seeks to gather valuable insights into how these AI tools are utilized, what purposes they serve, and the impact they have on the community.

To ensure that members can effectively utilize these powerful AI models, Mediabots organizes regular workshops that offer detailed explanations and demonstrations on how to make the most of these generative AI tools. These workshops empower participants with the skillset and knowledge required to unleash the full potential of these models for their own purposes.

The data collected from the usage of these AI models within Mediabots has yielded intriguing findings, particularly regarding the influence of network effects. The research has revealed that the network effects play a significant role in encouraging and shaping the patterns of usage among the server members. These insights shed light on the social dynamics and collaborative nature of AI adoption within a community, highlighting the role of shared knowledge, inspiration, and collaborative learning.

For a more in-depth exploration of the research project and its findings, additional information can be found in my PhD thesis. Currently awaiting defense, this thesis promises to offer comprehensive insights into the impact of generative AI models within a social context, providing valuable contributions to the field of AI research.