The Featherman game project is a mobile game designed to raise awareness of environmental issues, specifically the importance of wetlands for migratory birds. The team behind the project consists of international students in Hong Kong who are passionate about local environmental issues. The goal of the game is to use entertainment technology to educate and engage a younger generation in environmental protection.

Through their research, the team discovered that wetlands are crucial habitats for migratory birds, yet they face threats from non-stop urban development and human activities. With this knowledge, they decided to create a fun and engaging digital game that spreads awareness about wetland land management. The team collaborated with local experts and visited Mai Po wetland park for research purposes to ensure the authenticity of the game environment.

Featherman aims not only to educate but also to empower NGOs with a new way to connect with younger generations through digital media entertainment. By using social media platforms for advertising, the team hopes to spread their environmental message far and wide and reach a larger audience than traditional methods of advertising these causes. Through this project, they hope to inspire others to take action towards protecting our planet’s ecosystems.