A 32-speaker ambisonic installation

3DSND is a system that is capable of low-latency ambisonic rendering. This platform is designed to provide an immersive sound experience to the users, enabling them to hear sound from all directions. It consists of a network of 32 distributed digital amplifiers arranged in a circular formation, covering an area of 6 meters in diameter. The system utilizes open-source software including jackaudio and raspberrypis to create a network of distributed receivers capable of processing complex audio signals.

The design and implementation of this system aims to address some important limitations associated with traditional stereo or surround sound systems. In these systems, sounds are limited to specific channels or locations within the listening space. With 3DSND, however, listeners can experience spatially accurate sound sources originating from any point within the six-meter radius, making it ideal for use in various applications such as music production, film post-production, virtual reality gaming and simulation environments.

The low-latency ambisonic rendering algorithms used by 3DSND allow for the creation of three-dimensional soundscapes that accurately reproduce sounds from all directions, creating an immersive sonic experience for listeners. Users can interact with the sound field using their hands with Kinect or through integration with Vive VR environments, allowing for fully immersive experiences.The system is also highly scalable, making it possible to increase the number of speakers and extend the listening area if needed.

The use of open-source software allows for easy customization and modification to suit specific user needs. Additionally, the raspberry pi-based design makes it cost-effective and energy-efficient, allowing for easy installation in various settings. The system was presented at Sonar+D Hong Kong in 2017 and 2018.